What You Can Do With RSS Twitter Feeds

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Once when I was in college, me and my friend were talking about web comics and I recommended that she follow one I really liked. Okay, she told me, I will add it to my RSS feed and see how I like it. I was confused by this. What was an RSS feed, and what would adding a comic to it do?

What is a RSS feed, indeed? RSS is also known as rich site summary, and is basically a web application used to publish different sites in a standardized format as they update. This means you can follow multiple websites at once and be instantly updated on when they have posted new content. The RSS format is useful because it saves users time when they do not need to visit individual websites in order to see if updates have occurred. It can also be useful to sites like news sites which need to aggregate and display the most current updates in one place. RSS feed twitter is also popular.

Once you become oriented with the basics of the RSS feed, you will find that it is possible to follow other rss feeds other than ones you have compiled. Other people will aggregate interesting links they think you should check out, or popular websites will list their own rss feeds that you can follow. Youtube, for example, has a youtube rss feed. CNN US News also has a feed. You can find the most popular rss feeds just by googling. It is possible to find lists of subject specific feeds as well.

One application of rss feeds that many people use is rss feed twitter. People who have multiple websites find it useful to support an rss feed twitter on those sites, since it will automatically update readers with what they are saying on twitter and possibly entice them to follow there as well. A lot of sites also find it useful to had rss feed twitter in order to showcase relevant tweets to what their site is about.