The Many Uses of RSS Feeds

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What are rss feeds, such as the CNN rss feed? RSS stands for rich site summary, although it is often dubbed really simple syndication, since that title is more indicative of the function RSS feeds perform. RSS is basically a web application that allows for real time syndication updates to be observed in one place, in a unified format. For a real life example, let us say you are a real celebrity news junkie and follow seven different blogs about your favorite celebs and shows. The blogs all update on different days and different times, however, and it is difficult to check up on all of them every day.

Having a celebrity website RSS feed list, however, means that you can take just one look at the RSS feed and instantly see if any, and which, websites have updated. In this way, RSS feeds help keep people informed while saving them time and allowing them to organize their website viewing. It is easy to create and add to rss feeds. Not only are there many free programs to do it, but the orange icon for rss feeds is easy to spot on most websites.

News sites use rss feeds quite frequently. This makes sense, since news sites really need to promote the newest and most relevant content on their pages. Rss feeds allow them to display all the latest headlines without needing someone to manually update them. News sites tend to have the most popular rss feeds, such as the cnn rss feed. The cnn rss feed is popular with people who want to catch up on the latest news without going to a bunch of different pages.

News feeds such as the cnn rss feed are not the most subscribed to rss feeds, however. The rss feeds with the most subscribers are social media websites such as youtube and twitter. Twitter rss feeds are immensely popular as ways to keep up with friends, news, and celebrities all at once.