Finding the Best Rss Readers

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Once, when I was in high school, I told my friend about an interesting dress site I had found online. Awesome, she said, I will add it to my fashion rss feed. What are RSS feeds? At that point in time, I had no idea what she was talking about.

Are you familiar with RSS feeds? RSS stands for rich site summary, and it is basically an aggregating web application that displays constantly updated works in a single, unified format. RSS feeds perform a number of functions. Most people use them to save on time that would be spent internet surfing. Say, for example, you follow ten different web comics, and they all update at different points of the week. Instead of having to memorize their schedules, or check on each site every day manually, you can instead add their urls to your rss feed. Once this happens, all you have to do is check your rss feed to see which comics have recently updated.

RSS feeds are also used by News sites. Some of the most popular rss feeds, in fact, are cultivated by online News sites that want to show users the most new and relevant information they can offer. The CNN rss Feed is a popular choice for people interested in news updates. To find a list of rss feeds, all you need to do is look through search engines to see what comes up. You can even search by topic, so that if, say, you want to find out relevant news about Haiti, you can follow an RSS feed that lets you know.

There are no established best rss readers, but arguably the best rss readers are those used by a lot of people, since this is a vote for their functionality and user friendliness. Twitter rss feeds, for example, rate highly among users. If you really want to find the best rss readers, I would just suggest experimenting with different displays until you find one you really like. Luckily, even the best rss readers are free, so there is no real disadvantage to shopping around.