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If you are trying to stay on top of important news as it is happening, CNN RSS feeds can help you do it. Reading news stories without something to help you pare down the enormous list of fresh articles published every day can be daunting and can keep you from reading the stories that you are most interested in. CNN US News’ RSS feed is one of the most popular RSS feeds, and with good reason. CNN is one of the US’ largest news providers and so has experience delivering the news it believes its customers will enjoy the most. CNN US News is only about 20 years old, but has done such a good job giving Americans the news they actually want that it was able to take a significant market share away from the preexisting news giants and become a giant itself.

RSS feeds are actually pretty straightforward. Essentially, you program a feed with a few key words or topics that you are interested in and the feed scours the internet searching for related news and stories. The RSS feed posts the headlines of and links to the articles it finds for you to scan over. Read through the list that your RSS feed aggregates, click on the stories you actually want to read, and let the feed do the rest. It is sort of a summary of the segment of the daily news that you are interested in. CNN US News offers RSS feeds to help you sift through all of the news CNN US News posts daily to help make staying on top of important events in the world easier for its customers.

If you feel like it is difficult to keep track of the news so you know what is going on, an RSS feed can help you reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to stay up to date. RSS feeds were essentially created for that purpose.