CNN RSS Feeds Help Filmmakers Share Their Work With Audiences Around the World

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In the past, filmmakers who wanted to show their work to large and varied audiences faced a number of challenges that they needed to overcome. Because few movie studios accepted movies from amateur filmmakers, most filmmakers who produced movies discovered that their work languished in oblivion. Life became considerably easier for filmmakers beginning in the early 1950s, when a number of film producers started to host independent film festivals which showcased the works of independent and low budget filmmakers. However, these film festivals quickly became so popular that it become almost impossible for younger filmmakers to submit their work to these film festivals.

Today, however, digital technologies such as CNN RSS feed, YouTube RSS feed, Twitter RSS feeds, and other popular RSS feeds and cool RSS feeds have greatly streamlined the process by which independent filmmakers showcase their work to a large and popular audience. Instead of submitting their movies to major studios or large film festivals and having to wait several months (or even years) only to hear that their work had been rejected, filmmakers can simply post their independent movies to their websites and blogs, thus bypassing the publication process all together.

Although most filmmakers agree that these digital technologies make distributing movies much easier, some filmmakers worry that their work will become lost in the shuffle. After all, thousands upon thousands of filmmakers post their works to these CNN RSS feeds, so it is very easy for one lone CNN RSS feed to become lost in the shuffle. Consequently, most filmmakers encourage peers who use these CNN RSS feeds to take advantage of the technology. In other words, these filmmakers should use these CNN RSS feeds to post their movies to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and to circulate their movies on other blogs and websites which are located around the internet.