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The Convenience of the Internet Might Make it the Best News Source

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According to a Gallup poll from this summer, TV reigns supreme as the primary choice for Americans who are looking to get informed about the latest news. Though just nine and six percent of respondents said that their main choice were newspapers and the radio, respectively, 55% said that they get the news by turning on the TV. However, reading news online is quite popular as well, and 21% said that the internet was their top choice. That number jumps to 27 and 28% for the 18-29 and 30-49 year old demographics, so it is possible to think that, as younger groups age, the internet might overtake the TV.

Though there are several reasons why the internet can be a popular alternative to the television, the main advantage of hopping online is that, quite simply, it is more convenient. Lots of people have busy schedules that make it difficult to catch their favorite TV news programs at the same time every morning or evening, and will find that reading news online is the only way to keep up wi