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The Most Popular RSS Feeds on the Web

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Over the years I have encountered many people who are unfamiliar with RSS, so here is an easy explanation of how RSS works, and how it can help you navigate the web more quickly.

What is an RSS feed? RSS feeds are basically information aggregating applications that collect web updates and display them for end users in a single, unified format. This sounds complicated, but in reality it is quite simple. Say that, for example, you read seven different comics online. Each comic updates at a different time of day, and on different days of the week. You want to read most of the updates, but you do not want to memorize a schedule or check easy site every day.

This is where RSS feeds come in. If you add each web url to a comic RSS feed that you create on your web browser, all you have to do is check your RSS feeds list for updates once a day or however frequently you like, and you will see all the different site updates in one place. Most RSS feeds will act like an email and show you whic